Do you want to "Push the Organic Envelope" with regard to your special loam needs? At Dubois Livestock, we'd like you to share our enthusiasm. We have the best possible loam available on the market. You will not find such high quality top soil at any price.
  • Our loam has been fortified much like vitamins. This nutrient rich loam is very unique in the landscape industry, it has added fish-blend compost in it.
  1. increases organic content in the soil
  2. adds essential nutrients
  3. improves moisture holding capacity
  4. improves plant growth
  5. supresses soil disease
  6. improves drought resistance

Stock pile of our loam at our pit in Lyman, ME

  • Our loam has the deep, rich color you'd expect from organic soil. We boast that it is the greatest topsoil in America.
  • We provide topsoil with quality fish/shellfish compost added for quick start and maximum growth!
  • We provide topsoil with consistency and spreadability!
  • Our quality, organic loam represents a tremendous deal!

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