Hale's Landscaping, Inc. has been purchasing quality loam from Dubois Livestock for many years. During this time we have consistently received an excellent loam product. The loam has no rocks, spreads well, stays in place and retains moisture. We have found that the pH is always correct and that lawns and plantings we have installed grow very well.

I would also like to point out that their service and delivery is nop notch. As my comments show, I highly recommend the loam that Dubois Livestock is able to provide.

Steven Hale
Owner, Hale's Landscaping, Inc.

Over the past few years I have purchased top soil from Dubois Livestock for both myself and my customers on several occasions. My wife and my customers have never been more pleased with the results of their lawns, flower gardens and vegetable gardens, and I've never been able to find a better price elsewhere. When you buy your top soil from Dubois, you can rest assured you'll get the best value for you product. The people are a pleasure to deal with, do excellent work, and are extremely responsive to my needs. When I need services from Dubois, one phone call takes care of all my needs. I know I will get the service and results I expect from the knowledgeable professionals at Dubois Livestock.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work, and I look forward to continuing to do business with you.

Mike Pelletier
Owner, Mike Pelletier Construction

My name is Robert Taylor and I am the owner of Pro-Tech Garage Door Service. Spending my free time working around my house, my wife and I like to do some gardening and sprucing up of the yard. In need of some topsoil for the garden and flower beds, we called for prices from a lot of local companies. To our disappointment, the soil they sold was too expensive and, to be honest, not that good. That's if they even called back.

I stumbled across a number in a local paper for top soil at a place called Dubois Livestock in Arundel, Maine. I can say for sure that "You really do get the best for less". We bought the most nutrient rich top soil I have ever seen. It was like magic dirt.

The compost was like nothing I have ever seen before. There was such a low odor content, but it was so rich. My lawn grew so thick and my wife's flower and vegetable garden grew so fast and big.

I simply can not say enough about the product and the people at Dubois Livestock. So if you want to truly "Go Green", start with a simple call to 282-4445 or take a short drive to see them. I challenge you to find a better price or for that matter, better quality. My sincere thanks to Dubois Livestock and I hope to continue to do business with them in the future.
Robert Taylor
PRO-TECH Garage Door Service

Last year my nephew ordered two truck loads of your soil for his garden. I was very impressed with the results of my nephew's vegetable garden. His tomato plants were healthy, grew faster and produced at least twice as many tomatoes. His pepper plants had ripened peppers weeks earlier than expected and again, the volume of peppers was amazing. This was true not only ffor his vegetable garden, but for their flower beds. I knew this was the soil I needed to improve my garden.
Rick Norton

Sending you a letter to let you know what good results I've had with the loam I have bought from you over the years.

I've used your loam to build lawns at homes I built in the past years. The loam seems to hold moisture and is rich in contents - better than others types of loam. It's an excellent loam to grow tomatoes, cukes, and squash. Keep it up.
Paul Winn

I want to thank you for the great job you did with your loam. My garden turned out perfect last year and also my lawn.

Also, a big thanks for the workmanship. It does not matter what time of day it is, or what day it is, you guys are always there. A big thank you is well needed.
Dan Paquet

Hi at Dubois Livestock,

I was talking about getting some loam delivered for my garden in our General store and our local plumber told me to try Dubois compost. I called and the guys were so nice and it was delivered in 2 days. I was redoing my perennial garden and starting a vegetable garden. I spread 6 yards and planted about 20 perennials, 24 tomato plants, cukes, herbs, all my flower boxes and planters. I cannot tell you how amazing things look!! I am thrilled with your compost. Everything has tripled in size, my tomato plants are 4 feet high. My neighbors are complimenting my gardens and I want you to know how happy I am with your black gold as I call it!!

York Beach

PHONE 207-282-4445 • FAX 207-284-0191 • 2 Irving Road • Arundel, Maine 04046

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